Great Malvern is well known for its past spa and water cure treatments and for the affluence this attracted. As a consequence, many substantial Victorian mansions were built and these often had good-sized gardens of an acre or more. Some of these properties have now been demolished to make way for more densely developed sites; where mansions remain, many have been converted into apartments, and even where this has not happened, original garden layouts have been lost or greatly modified. More modest Victorian properties too will often have had their gardens altered. The result is that some of the character and appearance of the town has been changed over the intervening years. It would be good to promote and re-establish some of that past atmosphere. 

With the encouragement of Malvern Town Council and as part of 2019 Malvern in Bloom, Malvern Civic Society is therefore inviting entries for possible awards for gardens with Victorian themes, particularly (but not exclusively) where they are associated with Victorian properties. The entries may relate to gardens retaining original layouts, restored or newly created gardens with Victorian themes, and to work in progress. Judges will particularly be looking for imaginative designs, both with regard to plants and materials used, and to layouts. [Some useful guidance on Victorian Garden Design can be found via the link]

Those wishing to be considered for an award should register their interest with Malvern Town Council. Application forms are available from Lyndsey Davies, Malvern Town Council, 28-30 Belle Vue Terrace, Malvern, WR14 4PZ, or at The closing date for entries is 20 June 2019, and judging will take place during the week commencing 24 June as part of the Malvern in Bloom competition.