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Visit to the Didcot Railway Centre on Saturday 20 August 2022

Friends of Malvern’s Railway Group of the Malvern Civic Society

Visit to the Didcot Railway Centre on Saturday 20 August 2022

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Steam Locomotive

The Friends of Malvern’s Railway Group is arranging a visit to the Didcot Railway Centre on Saturday 20 August (a steam operating day).  This is a working museum of the Great Western Railway, with locomotives, carriages, signal boxes, stations and an engine shed.

We envisage that most participants will wish to travel by train.  We shall travel on the 0850 from Great Malvern (leaving Malvern Link at 0854) to Oxford, and take a connecting train to Didcot Parkway arriving at 1050.  The Railway Centre is next door to the station.  Those wishing to travel by car can use the Didcot Parkway car park, and should aim to arrive in time to join the group at Didcot at 1100.

The cost of visiting the Railway Centre will be £14.40p per head (£12.25p for children aged 3 to 15 inclusive), which (except for children) includes a donation of £2.00p to the funds of the Malvern Civic Society Railway Preservation Fund.  This is less expensive than the standard admission prices.  Entry will include unlimited travel on trains within the centre and access to all the areas and buildings that are open on the day.  A refreshment room is available for lunch.  Some members of the party may prefer to bring their own food.

Railway Shed

We suggest that members of the party travelling by train should buy their own tickets.  The cheapest combination that we have found is an Off-Peak Day Return to Oxford (£24.60p) and an Off-Peak Day return from Oxford to Didcot Parkway (£7.50p).  The prices with a Senior Rail Card would be £16.20p and £4.95p respectively.  Cheaper Advance Tickets are likely to be available online nearer the time of the visit.

The advantage of individual tickets is that each member of the group can make his own decision on the choice of return train.  We shall make enquiries about the costs of a Group Ticket, but suspect that this will not involve a significant saving – especially for those who have Rail Cards.

If you are interested in this trip, please send an e-mail to David Gowan at or telephone him on 01684 565707.  (There is no commitment at this stage.)  Payment will be requested by 30 June.  Let David know if you are planning to travel by car and able to offer a lift to other participants, or if you are looking for a lift.