Planning Sub-Committee Meeting 29th May 2019

Planning Sub-Committee Meeting 29th May 2019

The Civic Society Planning Sub-Committee met on Wednesday 29th May and reviewed a large number of planning applications.

The Chairman had attended (as an observer) the Southern Area Planning Meeting on 22nd May and reported on the meeting. A brief summary is here.

The group discussed several planning applications but focussed particularly on 19/00611/FUL – 50 Wyche Road and on 19/00691/FUL – 39 Pickersleigh Road, Malvern.

50 Wyche Road is a resubmission of an earlier application 17/01044/FUL that was refused in May 2018. It involves the demolition of a number of buildings at the top of Wyche Road just below the Wyche Inn in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Conservation Area and replacing them with an apartment block. The Civic Society objected to the previous proposal. While this proposal has been modified, the Civic Society feels that this proposal still does not integrate into the surroundings and the AONB.

39 Pickersleigh Road is on the site of the former Doctor’s Surgery. This is also a resubmission where the previous proposal (18/01747/FUL) was rejected. It is just within the Malvern Link Conservation Area. The new proposal improves on the previous proposal, slightly reducing the number of units. It reduces the height of the ridge line and adds some variation to the ridge line and materials. However, the Committee still has some concerns.

Because of Midsummer Malvern, the next meeting will be on 19th June, 2019 (and not the last Wednesday of the month as usual) at the Great Malvern Hotel.