One of the events that Malvern Civic Society are planning for Midsummer Malvern, 19-27 June 2021, is an art exhibition featuring the life and work of Victor and Catherine Moody, late directors of the Malvern School of Art.
Victor was an important middle ranking artist from the early 1930s working in the tradition of the Arts and Crafts Movement.
2020 was the 30th anniversary of his death and, in the light of the discussions going on about the future of the College, we think that it is appropriate to celebrate this important feature of Malvern – the tradition survives today.
The Moodys were well known locally and many people in and around Malvern will have their pictures and artwork. Please contact if you have any of their work and would be prepared to either lend it for the exhibition and/or have it photographed.

Moody Retrospective