Talk: From Flint to Fusion (Online)

Talk: From Flint to Fusion (Online)

February 12, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Keith Stevens from Holmes Chapel U3A Science and Technology Group tells the story of man’s insatiable quest for energy from Neanderthals to now.

Can we ever slow our demand? Must we burn fossil fuels for a century and maybe fry up the planet?
When is renewable not renewable? Do we need more hydroelectricity? Can wind and solar save us?
Whatever happened to nuclear power? Should we build a Severn barrage?
and will fusion be the holy grail?
Keith worked 26 years at the Atomic Energy Authority, working in Tribology, the study of friction, wear and corrosion.
In 1995 he took up a post in an engineering company called Poeton in Gloucester, working on surface coatings and treatments.
He became the Research and Development Director and retired in 2011 but continued with consultancy work with Poeton and for companies in the power generation industry.
His degree is in physics, at Birmingham.
He states that his period at the Atomic Energy Authority does not mean that he has any great loyalty to nuclear power.

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