Heritage Open Days Country Walk : Tracking “The King’s Thirds” on the northern Malvern Hills

Heritage Open Days Country Walk : Tracking “The King’s Thirds” on the northern Malvern Hills

September 15, 2022 @ 2:00 pm
Malvern Hills Trust West of England car park
Malvern WR14 4DG
Clive Rayment

Tracking the “The King’s Thirds” on the northern Malvern Hills. A cash strapped King Charles 1st attempted to raise some revenue by exploiting the rights he enjoyed over the Royal Forests or Chases such as Malvern. These he shared with the neighbouring lords. The deal was that he gave up his interests over the “venison and vert” across the whole Chase provided he could enclose a third of the area. This, the “King’s Thirds”, could then be leased or sold to raise revenue. Although this must have been met with some resistance it appears that much of the work of “enclosure” by banks and ditches was completed by the 1630’s. It is these banks and ditches that we will be tracking on the walk.

Date and time of Walk: Thursday 15th September 2022 starting at 2pm (Heritage Open Day Walk)

Where to meet. We meet at the Malvern Hills Trust (MHT) West of England car park – post code; WR14 4DG; map reference SO766448. There is a parking charge of £4.80 all day payable by card only, unless you have a car park pass, useable in any of the MHT car parks.

Where does the walk go, estimate of difficulty and recommended footwear? We leave the car park on an established footpath until we come into contact with our first set of banks and ditches. Here we leave the footpath and start climbing up the hillside to follow the line of these banks and ditches. In places, this will be a very strenuous walk so an alternative route will be offered for those who would want to take a less demanding route. Both groups will meet up at key points as we move up towards the Worcestershire Beacon and cover the high ground. This is a fascinating walk that tells a very interesting story but does require high level of fitness. Strong walking boots are essential as are walking poles. This is rated as a strenuous walk.

Approximate distance and estimate of time needed to complete walk. The walk will take a minimum of two hours and probably covers no more than three miles but a lot of it will be off footpaths and up or down hillsides, for those who choose this route, or steep footpaths for those that take the alternative routes.

Whether dogs would be welcome. No dogs permitted on this walk.

Details of possible hazards/difficulties: There are no stiles but a lot of steep paths and climbing up and down the side of hills. If conditions have been wet, then paths and hillsides will be muddy and slippery in places. We may pass through fenced off areas with livestock. Few streams but plenty of ditches and uneven ground to negotiate. This is rated as a strenuous walk

How do I join the walk? If you would like to join the walk please book via TicketSource. There is no charge for participating in our walks but you need to book a place on the walk. For further information, contact Clive Rayment on: countrywalks@malverncivicsociety.org.uk