On Thursday, 11th March, 32 members of the Society visited the Waitrose store in Malvern.  In view of how circumstances have developed since then we were lucky to go at all.
We had been due to go in February but this coincided with the severe flooding.  The manager, James Alldridge phoned me to say that the floods had disrupted their deliveries and so could we put off our visit for a month.  Then came the coronavirus.  James phoned me on the morning of our visit and I expected him to cancel it again, but he said it could go ahead but that we would not be able to go “behind the scenes”.  So, in the end we had a talk and a question and answer session in the partners’ restaurant.  It wasn’t quite what we expected but we all agreed that it was worthwhile.  James was very honest and informative in answering our questions.

John Dixon