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Malvern Civic Society: Weekly Guided Town Walks


Why not join one of our walks and find out about the fascinating history of Malvern?  Walks with Civic Society town guides start at 10.30 a.m at the Tourist Information Centre


Adults £5; children under 14, free.


Walks take around 90 minutes - no steep climbs. 


Book at the Tourist Information Centre in advance, or pay at the time. 

  • See how Malvern's famous Water Cure and Spa flourished in the 19th Century.

  • Learn about the mediaeval Priory. 

  • Find out about the town's Elgar connections

  • Hear of important visitors to the town and the story behind some 'blue plaques'

  • Discover more about the coming of radar.


Town Walks take place from April to September and are offered on the basis that they may be cancelled at times on account of changes in prevailing circumstances, and checking with the TIC in advance is advisable.  There is no town walk available on the opening Saturday of Civic Week each year.


Tickets from the Tourist Information Centre:

21 Church Street (at the top of Church Street opposite the Post Office)

Tel: 01684 89 22 89


One of many historic notes on Malvern buildings provided by the Civic Society/©Malvern Civic Society/Kevin Brewer


If you like what we do, then why not join us?